Schools of Choice in Allegan County 2015-2016
Allegan Area Schools of Choice Application (use this form if you live in Allegan, Fennville, Glenn, Hopkins, Martin, Otsego, Plainwell, or Wayland)
105(c) Schools of Choice Application (use this form if you live in Kalamazoo, Kent, Ottawa or Van Buren counties)

Information on Schools of Choice

The Allegan Area Schools of Choice plan is intended to provide academic options to enhance learning for students and to foster a cooperative environment to benefit all districts. Allegan area schools are participating in a local Schools of Choice plan and also the state mandated 105c Schools of Choice plan.  

The Allegan Area Schools of Choice plan refers to districts within the Allegan area (Allegan, Fennville, Glenn, Hopkins, Martin, Otsego, Plainwell and Wayland).  The 105c section addresses students residing in contiguous ISD/ESA’s outside the Allegan area (Barry ISD, Kalamazoo RESA, Kent ISD, Ottawa Area ISD and Van Buren ISD).

Each school district within the Allegan area shall determine annually if it will accept non-resident students. The school districts shall publish the grades, schools and special programs, if any, for which enrollment may be available to non-resident applicants.  If a school district has a limited number of positions available for non-resident applicants, the district shall:

square Provide notice to the general public of the number of openings available, and the manner and place for submitting applications. please click here for notice
square Use a random draw “lottery” system conducted by the Allegan County Schools of Choice committee.
square Develop and maintain a waiting list based on the order in which non-resident applicants were drawn under this lottery.  If positions become available after the lottery drawing, applicants shall be selected from this waiting list.
square Contact and enroll all applicants no later than the end of the first week of school.

A school district may refuse enrollment to a non-resident Schools of Choice student that has been suspended within the past two (2) years, or has ever been expelled.

Previous year Schools of Choice students may remain in the non-resident district until graduation.  However, a district does not need to retain a student who gets expelled.

Non-resident applicants residing in the same household shall receive preference over other applicants.

Schools of Choice students must meet the same criteria as resident students to be accepted for enrollment in a grade or specialized program.
All first year Schools of Choice parent(s)/guardian(s) and students must meet with a building administrator or counselor prior to the start of school to schedule classes and review building procedures.

The receiving school district is not required to provide transportation to a non-resident student.  In the event a special education student enrolls through Schools of Choice, the transportation will be determined by the student’s individualized education plan (IEP).

Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA) rules and regulations apply to all students participating in interscholastic athletics.  Under the MHSAA transfer rule, unless residency is established, high school students who transfer by choice from one school to another are not eligible to participate in interscholastic athletics for one full semester.  It is the responsibility of the parent and/or school district to contact MHSAA for a ruling (517.332.5046).

Application Procedures

Schools of Choice applications are available through your local district’s central office or at the Allegan Area Educational Service Agency.  Please check with your local district or the AAESA for deadline dates.

The non-resident school district will notify parents of acceptance or non-acceptance no later than the end of the first week of school. If the Schools of Choice application is accepted, parents shall notify non-resident and resident districts of their intent to enroll their child as a Schools of Choice student no later than the end of the first week of school.